Are Online Website Builders Easy to Use?

Posted in Advice on April 20, 2021 by Simon

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If you are looking to make your own website, then you might be looking for an easy solution. It can be difficult to set it up all on your own, especially if you have no experience. There will be coding to learn about and things like this which can be rather off-putting and you may feel that it will be really difficult to make your own website like this and this is where website builders come in. You may worry that they will be even more complex but they are actually set up to make it easier to make a website. Therefore, they are well worth looking in to and they have lots of features that will make it a lot easier to make a website compared to doing it alone.

Templates and Themes

Web builders will all have templates and themes for you to choose from. This will enable you to be able to put together a really professional looking website without any graphic design skills. They will mean that you will be able to easily choose a design and then get working on the text and images that you want to appear. Some will even have stock images which means that if you do not have any or need a bit of time to sort some out, you will be able to use those while you wait.

Drag and Drop

A lot of the website builders have drag and drop elements. This means that you can place different features really easily on the page. This can make things very simple and you can immediately see what the page might look like and decide whether you want it in that place or whether you want to move it.

Lots of Easy Features

Within the web builder, it is easy to be able to set up all sorts of things. You can usually add in blogs, ecommerce sites, forms and things like this. This means that once you get to grips with how to use it, which should not take long, you will easily be able to add lots of other things as well so that you have a site that is not just basic but has all sorts of interesting content.


It is important to make sure your site is optimised for search engines, but knowing how to do this is not easy. If the site is well optimised, it means that it will come up high in listing when certain keywords are entered. Some web builders, will put in code automatically so that you will be ready for search engine optimisation. Some will also have guides to help you with this or tools to check your content and make suggestions to help you.

Free Trials

Most web builders will have a free trial. Although this does not make them easy to use, it will allow you to have a go at using them and find out whether you think that they will be easy to use. You will find that within a few minutes of starting up with a free trial, you will know whether the web builder will suit you or not. It will be obvious whether you will find all of the features easy to use or whether it will be too difficult.

Customer Support

Although the form of customer support may vary, all website builders will offer support. This means that if you get stuck, then you can go to them for help. Some will have tutorial videos that you can watch or step by step guides so that you can really easily learn how to use them. Some are so simple, with guided pages, that even someone who has never set up a website before, will be able to produce something professional, very quickly.

It is worth noting that most web builders are designed with novices in mind. There are some that are more complex than others, but in most cases, you will find that they are really simple. You will be able to look at a few reviews to find out and you will also find that most will have free trials and this will enable you to have a go and see whether you find it simple to use. It is important to take advantage of this because you will find that otherwise you might sign up to one and find it not so easy as perhaps you may find others. We are all different in what we like and dislike and so trying something out is the key to making sure that we are signing up to the website builder that will be the best for us.

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