Are Website Builders Worth It?

Posted in Webmasters on May 4, 2021 by Simon

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If you are considering using a website building then you may want to make sure that they offer good value for money. This is wise because you will be paying out for them in most cases, but it can be well worth it compared to using a web deisgner. The reasons below should help you to get a better idea of the advantages of using them.

You Can Make Changes to the Design at no Extra Cost

When you use a web designer you will pay for a design. Then if you need changes made to that design, you will need to pay them again to do it. You may have to wait until they are available and it could be expensive. If your business is growing and evolving you may need lots of changes as well and so these costs can really add up. It is therefore good, in this case, to use a web builder. This is because you will be able to make those changes yourself. It gives you the flexibility that you need and you can make changes and tweaks whenever you need to. Adding content to a website can really help with its search engine ranking as well and this means that if you can keep adding to it, you will be helping your site to improve its ranking. You will be able to have free reign over the look, but if you are concerned about not being able to design, you will have lots of templates available to choose from.

Often Lots of Good Features Built-in

You will often find that web builders have lots of useful features built-in that you can take advantage of. This could include a blog facility, ecommerce, SEO help, newsletter, forms etc. All of these tools can help you to reach out to more people and improve your website. All of these things could cost extra with a web designer and you might even find that they will not even be able to provide you with these, especially the SEO which you may need an expert for and a web designer may not be able to do or may charge more money for.

You will also find that you get other items within the price that you pay. You will get hosting, which is something you will have to pay for when you use a web designer. You will sometimes get a free domain name for the first year. You may also get free transaction fees with the ecommerce system and that can make a big difference to the price, something you may have to pay if you use a web designer, depending on how they set up the ecommerce part of your website.

There Are Free and Budget Plans

It is also worth noting that web builders do not always have to cost this much money. There are even some plans that will be completely free and this means that you will be able to get away with paying nothing. Others will have a small fee for a lot of functionality and you could find that they will offer you much better value for money than paying a web designer who could charge a lot and then you may have to pay more money to if you want to make changes to the website as well and this could really add up. If the charges are high, it might prevent you from being able to afford to make changes that really need to make and this could mean that your website ends up not being as good as it should be.

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