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Posted in Promotion on May 4, 2021 by Simon

Our Best Website Builders 2022

SEO is really important as it can make a big difference with regards to the visibility of your website. You want it to appear as high up in search engines as possible for the search terms that are important. This means that you need to make sure that you have the right SEO techniques and tools. If you are a beginner at website building then you may have no idea how to go about this. However, some web builders will have these sorts of tools built in. This means that you will be able to use them to help you to get your SEO working. But who offers what – it is worth looking so you can see which might be best for you.


Squarespace will incorporate SEO into the site that you design and it is optimised for search engines which means that it will be useful if you are relying on people finding you this way.


Weebly makes it easy for you to make changes to the pages of the website that you are making so that you can add in meta keywords as well as titles, description, header footer or even change the URL. All of these things can help with SEO. It also generates sitemaps automatically and all of these functions are available on all pricing plans, even the free one.


Site123 allows you to easily add titles and descriptions to your pages. It also has an SEO advisor which can be particularly useful to anyone that has not built a website before. It will give you useful information so that you are able to make sure that you site is well designed with regards to SEO.


Strikingly will allow you to optimise the title and meta description but it is a single-page website builder. This means that you only have one page that can be listed on search engines and with only one page you will be limited on the amount of content that you will have space to include.


Duda has an SEO friendly ecommerce shop system. This means that if you are relying on finding customers from search engines, then this can be useful. It is likely that your shop is probably the main reason for having a website and so having it optimised for search engines will be very important.


GoDaddy will add in the SEO for blog posts and you will not be able to change it of the page URLs. If you change the title of your page, it will change the URL automatically and so this will confuse search engines.


This web builder has a lot of SEO tools that you will be able to use when you are using it. It is also very easy to incorporate into social media, which can indirectly help your search engine rating and also can be a very key part of your marketing.


Jimdo allows you to be able to change the title of the home page and general titles but not much else. If you have one of the most expensive two plans you can use a business listing option that will synchronise your website details with platforms such as Google and Facebook.


In Voog you are able to edit your metadata and your sitemap and they will update themselves as you edit your website. You can change the URL structure and even the domain name if you want to. There are also analytics tools that you can use which will allow you to analyse where your traffic is coming rom which will allow you to find out whether your marketing is working.

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