Jimdo Review 2022

Is Jimdo the best website builder? Find out below.


Jimdo has always been about trying to make sure that it is easy to use. They even have a no coding required system which will allow you to have a working website in just three minutes which is pretty impressive. It is ideal for smaller businesses, especially if they already have a Google Maps or Instagram presence as it will pull information form there to create the site. It will then just be a case of adjusting layout and colours to make the look that you want and then adding text to get all the information that you need onto the site. It also has a basic online store if you need it. The templates are responsive, which means that they work with mobile devices. There is a free plan which means that you can play around with it and see whether you like it before you commit to paying out any money. There templates may not be as flexible as some and the online store perhaps could do with more features and there are no external add ons but it does stand up against its competitors.

Plans & Pricing

The play plan is the free package and there is no domain name included and an advert but it is a useful feature for testing out the builder to see whether you like it and feel that it will work for you. It also has an impressive number of tools included so you can get a real feel of what it is like to use.The first paid for package is called start and it is £9amd upi have 5GB of storage. It is ideal for small businesses who have no need for an online store. It has a domain name included and it is ad-free and it provides up to ten sub pages.

The £15 package is called grow and it is designed for larger websites and has up to 50 subpages and also has ecommerce capabilities and provides 15GB of storage. The unlimited package is the final option and it costs £39. As indicated by the name it will support unlimited storage space, bandwidth and subpages and it also has a function where you can get a professional design analysis and premium support.

The prices are based on a 12 month contract term and the prices may therefore vary depending on the contract. The free domain only applies for the first year. The prices are reasonable compares with other web builders and so if you want something fairly basic, it could offer really good value for money.

Tools & Features

The editor is really fast and it will carefully guide you through the process which means that it is very easy to use and you could even have a website ready in a few minutes. You do have the option of not using the assistant tool and designing things more for yourself. However, as the main selling point of this web builder is that it can help you create a website extremely easily and quickly, it would not make sense really if you did not use it.

There are seven languages supported and the editor itself can be used in any language. There are multilingual websites available as an option but you will have to sacrifice one layer of navigation to get the additional languages.

There is the capability of up to three levels of navigation, which is better than some other web builders but it may still not really be enough for some people.

You can add videos using YouTube or Vimeo as well as photos. However, there are no buttons to share social media links and with no HTML function, you cannot even add it in manually which is a shame. There is also no integrated web store for apps so you cannot even get an add on to do this for you.

There is no option to integrate Google Adsense or banners because of the lack of HTML facilities.

SEO is limited and this means that you will struggle to adapt it to your needs. You can change the title of the home page and general titles for other pages but that is all. You could add in the business listing option which will synchronise your website details with platforms like Google and Facebook but this is only available in the top two plans.

You can set up a blog in a separate section and you will be able to add keywords into the URL of your blog posts which is really useful. This will help to improve the SEO of your website. You can connect it with the Disqus plug in to allow comments on your blog posts. You can also add the same tags in several posts which means that it is easy to navigate between posts. You can also make the posts sharable and comment friendly.

You can have a contact form and you are able to customise it for your needs.

There is no facility to password protect pages or set up a member area. There is no Newsletter tool either or the option to use HTML code. There is also no backup and restore facility.

If you activate the statistics function and set up a Google Analytics account you will be able to carefully monitor your stats using Google. It is a good tool to have and so it could be well worth doing.

There is email support available and there are FAQs and articles available to help you. If you have the Strat plan or above, you will be able to use the website menu to access the support facility.


There are modern and responsive designs available You will be allocated a design that will save you scrolling through templates to find one but it means that you will not have a big choice. You can change the style though later, by adjusting colours, fonts etc but there are limits to the amount that you will have to choose from. All of the designs are optimised for mobile devices though, which is extremely useful. You can switch to different page structures too, rather than classic templates. You can even use stock images if you do not have enough photos, which can be a useful feature.

It is good though that the themes are simple and functional. This keeps things much easier for the designer. It is likely that anyone choosing Jindo is doing so because of a lack of experience and so they will not want lots of different templates that work in different ways as this can be really confusing. The only problem is that the themes are not retina friendly and so the image quality may be affected when being visited by gadgets.

Pros & Cons

The web builder has a virtual set-up wizard which means that there is very little you need to do initially. It will put together a basic design for you and you may even just have to make a few changes and it will be ready to publish. It is limited though as there is no blog, password protection or external apps. There is no HTML element and so you cannot add in elements that are missing.

It has an attractive selection of design which are modern and so they will make your website look good. The virtual set-up wizard will search the Internet for the best images for you. There are limited design options though with font size, style, colour etc being limited.

The pages are designed so that they work really well on mobile devices as well as on PC’s.

The loading times are really fast as well. This is a big advantage for search engines, who will test this and it will impact your ranking and it is also of course, an advantage for those using the website as well. However, there is limited SEO so you can only change the title of the homepage and choose general titles for the other pages.

Domain Names

In the free plan you will get a free subdomain. However, the paid plans all have one free domain name for the first year and you will pay $20 a year after that. You can redirect your own domain too, so if you already have one, then this will not be a problem. You can add email accounts to the domain as well if you wish to, but this will cost you money.


There is a shop feature but it is really only suitable for very small online stores. There are payment options such as Paypal, credit cards and debit cards and you can create up to 10 subpages if you have the basic plan but with business, this increases to 50. With the VIP plan, there is no limit and you can add any number of products whatever plan you are on. However, there is no digital product option and no options for dropshipping. If you need to accommodate lots of customers and you need voucher codes, advanced delivery methods, or stock management then you may need to go elsewhere as these are not possible.


The websites produced by the web builders look good and the fact that it is so fast and easy to use is very impressive. It means that if you need something simple and quick then it could be a really great option. You will be able to make tweaks and changes so that you can make it unique and add any extra details that you need. The SEO is a bit weak though so you may need to consider that when deciding whether to go with Jindo. The support is good but having more articles to guide you could be useful and then you may be able to find out the information that you need without having to contact them. Overall it will provide a really good, basic website but if you need sophisticated features then you will need to go elsewhere.