Website Builders Like Squarespace – 5 Alternatives

Posted in Webmasters on May 4, 2021 by Simon

Our Best Website Builders 2022

There are many web builders available and although may seem similar to Squarespace, they do differ and it is worth knowing what their main features are.


Wix is the most popular web builder, which speaks volumes about how good it is. It has an unstructured editor which is how it differs from most other editors which means that you can drag and drop features to any position on the page that you are designing, rather than being constrained to certain columns or areas. It has lots of features as well and there are 500 themes to choose from. There are seven pricing structures, which might seem complicated, but it does mean that you can be sure that you will get what you are paying for. It can be a bit more expensive than other editors but you get a lot of features that you do not get with others so you need to decide whether that makes it good value for money.


Weebly is easy to use with a drag and drop system which makes t simple to use It is also very well priced compared with others on the market and this makes it popular. It was always designed to be easy to use so is great for anyone who has not designed websites before. It has great speed and security which means that it will be user friendly as well. It has an educational system that you can use to teach you as you design which can be very useful. There are five price plans including a free one which has ads and storage limits that are removed on the lowest pricing plan.


Site123 is easy to use and many people find that it does not take them very long to learn how to use it. It has an advanced wizard which makes it easy to use and so you will not waste time trying to get a grip on how to use it. There are basically three step s- choose a design, add content and go online, it is that simple. It has lots of tools, styles and layouts so it is easy to produce a nice looking site without being creative yourself. The sites made are all mobile-friendly, scalable and SEO ready.


Strikingly is quite new and has worked on finding itself a niche in being a builder for single page websites. These are popular and therefore if it is something that you are looking for then Strikingly could be the way to go. Even though it is just for one page sites, it is possible to ass a blog and store as well. There are modern designs to choose from and they work on mobile devices and although there are limited designs to choose form they all have a sleek modern look. You can also use HTML to change them as long as you sign up to a paid plan.


Duda specialises in mobile websites although any sites you do design will also work on PCs as well. They have lots of features, such as allowing you to make a multilanguage website and personalisation tools. These tools will allow you to send customers customised offers suited specifically to them, which is something that not many other web builders offer, so could be useful to consider. SEO is good as well and they have SSL encryption and pages load quickly. There is a blog feature and a visitor analysis tool as well. You can add HTML code if you wish so you can customise the site but this is not necessary so you do not need to know how to do this in order to use this web builder.

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