Voog Review 2022

Is Voog the best website builder? Find out below.


Voog is a working hard to stand out as a web-building platform. It has great solutions for anyone that wants multilanguage site options and that means that it is very useful for anyone that would like to appeal to an international audience. It is easy to use and so anyone new to web building should find it simple, but it also has options for more advanced users as well which could mean that sites can be made more individual and have more advanced features if required. There is a free trial which means that you can try it out before paying for it and see whether you think that it will suit your needs. Generally, it will be very easy to use and provides a lot of features so you are likely to get everything that you are looking for with it.

Plans & Pricing

There are several different pricing plans available. There is the free plan which you can play around with to start with. Then there is a standard plan at 6 Euros a month. This offers support for up to three users and you can create up to 30 pages and have 2GB storage with a limited online store and password protected pages with SSL security. The Plus plan is 10 Euros and month and gives you more space and more customisation options. You will have increased storage to 10GB, an unlimited amount of pages and a free custom domain with a database tool and fully functioning online store. The premium plan is 39 Euros a month and is for power users. It features no limits so you can have as many users, languages and pages as you wish. You will have the full online store and no sales transaction fee with priority support.

Tools & Features

Voog claims to be intuitive and once you get used to the different menus it can be pretty easy to use. The menus are pared down which means that there are less options and that means that it is easier than some other web builders. You will need to sign up for an account to start with and there is a walkthrough which will take you through how it all works and therefore you can get the help that you need. You will need to choose a template and the dummy site is ready for to customise. You will just need to select the elements that you want to change. You can also insert custom elements if you wish to, but you will need to know something about coding to do this. There is no place holder text which means that there is no risk of accidentally publishing a website with some Latin looking text in it that might at best look at odd and at worst look completely unprofessional. Everything is just drag and drop which makes it easy to use. Images can be easily added by dragging and dropping them into place. There is no image editor though, so you will need to edit them yourself before you use them. The text editing is very simple working in a similar way to Word so there is very little effort needed.

The blog is a default option when you sign up and you can embed a link to your existing blog and set up an RSS feed or you can run this page as your main blog. You can add new blog posts from the main site and you can create a custom URL for each blog post. You start by adding tags and then you can create the post and you could even create an excerpt to use as a rich snippet.

You have the option of purchasing an SSL certificate or you can use one sold by another provider. It would be best to compare the prices so that you can select the one that you think will offer you good value for money.

It is possible to build a simple contact form but otherwise, there is not really a form builder. Whether this is something that you will need will very much depend on your site content though. It may not be a feature that you will ever need.
The meu is very prominent and means that it is very unlikely that anyone will get lost on the site. Moving between pages is really easy and the links work well and that means that it will be very simple for people to move between the pages of your site. This is very important as if people cannot find what they need, it is likely that they will get bored and go elsewhere and you will loose their custom.

It is possible to integrate social sharing buttons and Google analytics which can be useful. You will be able to direct people to your social media sites if they want to go there and you will be able to track traffic, which is very important. There is also an ecommerce platform built in so you will not need to integrate that.

It is possible to create the site in different languages. There is not a built in translator though so you will have to do it form scratch. Although that is hard work, it will avoid any problems lost in translation. Online translation is not that good and using one could lead to significant misunderstandings or errors. The basic packages allow you to set up sites in three languages. It is pretty simple, you just have to copy the pages and then translate the text. There will be a flag in the top right hand corner and the site visitors will be able to use it to choose their language of choice.

SEO wise you will be able to edit your metadata and the sitemap will be updated each time you edit. You can even change the URL structure o domain name if necessary. You can evaluate traffic through Voog analytics or Google webmaster tools and this will allow you to track whether your SEO tools are working well.

With regards to support you will find that there are plenty of FAQ which you can look through to get help. There will also be information on their Facebook page and blog, so it is a good idea to have a look at those. They are available 24/7 to answer questions and there is an email form on their website that you can use and you will get a reply in a few hours. You will also be able to call customer support, which Is based in Germany. There is no instant chat though, but with the details knowledge base on the website, it is likely that you will be able to get the help that you need without actually having to contact them.


There are 12 different themes to choose from. There are all free and do look very good, but the number is pretty small compared to other web builders. They are all slick and modern and they look very good, whereas sometimes when sites have lots, there are lots which are just not good quality and do not look good at all. They are harmonious which means that they will not be offensive to look at or cause any strain to the eyes. They look good both on desktop computers and mobile devices which is also very useful. There is a clean slate template though, which means that you will be able to create your own from scratch if you are not keen to use one of the themes that is already available. However, you do need to be very careful that the site will work for mobiles as well as desktops as it may not automatically do so.

Pros & Cons

Voog is easy to use and it has a fully integrates blog and e-commerce solution. It has stunning design templates and it has a custom design option as well so you can make it looks how you wish, be creative and have a unique looking site but also use standard templates if that is easier for you. However, there are very limited templates so you will not get a lot of choices. It has multilanguage options as well.

The transactions fees are a bit confusing and seem expensive, so it is worth checking the details carefully if you want to use ecommerce on your website. However, overall pricing looks to be pretty good and comparable to other web builders with similar functions.

Domain Names

You can buy a domain name through the site and the prices are pretty average compared to elsewhere. You can have a free domain name but you will have Voog in the address which does not look very professional. Neither of these options will have email addresses though but you will be able to put your own email address in the ecommerce section, f you decide to add one so people will be able to contact you that way.


The ecommerce store is pretty easy to set up. There are limited options for payment though – you can use Paypal or MakeCommerce. With the standard and plus packages, you also have to pay a 3% transaction fee which will be charged in addition to the fees charged by your payment provider. If you do not want to use those two payment providers then you can opt to use client invoices instead but they will be charged at 3% unless you are on the Premium package.


If you are looking for a simple drag and drop builder then this will be great. It is really useful for newbies as they will not have any complex decisions to make and it should be straight forward to use. There might not be lots of templates but it is easy to customise them so that you can get a unique look anyway. The basic packages offers a lot more than many with its 3 language options and 30 pages.