Which Website Builder Is Best for Small Business

Posted in Business on May 4, 2021 by Simon

Our Best Website Builders 2022

There are a lot of website builders available and it can be a bit confusing knowing which one might be the best for you and your small business. We have therefore summarised features of a few of them so that you can see whether they might suit your business needs.


One important feature for many small businesses is the ability to have an online shop and Squarespace will allow you to set one up easily. Its business account pricing plan starts at just £15 and fully integrated ecommerce is included as well as professional email and advanced website analytics. They have SSL security, the option of unlimited contributors, pop-up banners and you can sell unlimited products and gift cards. The web builder will help you to quickly and easily produce a professional-looking website and you can customise the templates to give it a unique deel and even use CSS and javascript if you have the knowledge, to add in extra features. It will enable you to produce different types of pages such as calenders, blogs, galleries, ecommerce and general pages. You can duplicate pages too, so that it is quicker to design the site and there are lots of design tools including photo editing. There is an internal search engine that you can use as well. All of the functions can make it a little more complex to use than some other web builders but if you are a quick learner or willing to spend a little time with it, you could find that it is worth it.


Weebly has an easy to use, drag and drop system which makes it ideal for anyone that is not used to building websites and needs something simple, It is also well priced which is great for a small business that does not have much money to spend but needs a professional website. It has an educational system which means that it will show you how to do things as you go along so you can learn it in stages and in an intuitive way. There are templates which are professional and apps to add on if the basic packages do not offer everything that you need. You can incorporate a blog as well, which can be great as search engines like a lot of additional content and it could also provide your customers with a reason to return to your website if you keep adding new blog content. There is a very good newsletter function as well, which could be handy as newsletters are well-known as a very good marketing tool.


Wix is the web builder with the most users which is an indication of how good it is. It has an unstructured editor with drag and drop and that means that it is not only easy to use but allows you lots of flexibility in the look of your site which can help you to produce something unique in a very easy way. It also has features with others may not such as appointment scheduling, music distribution and restaurant ordering. There are lots of features such as navigation elements, menus, boxes, buttons etc and there is an app market with over 300 apps that you can use to add in extra elements if you want them. It is very easy to use, which means that it is particularly good for those people that have not built a website before but want a really professional look for their business. There are also lots of SEO features which should mean that you will be able to come up high in search engines as well. The ecommerce features are useful as well with shipping and tax rules that can be easily changes, digital product selling as well as physical goods and no transaction fees and the ability to send email receipts to customers.

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